Website Security Packages

As you know, websites large and small are being hacked daily. As my client, I want you to be safe! As an individual or small business owner, you may think hackers wouldn’t be interested in your website. And it’s true, they aren’t out to get you specifically; they just look for weaknesses wherever they can find them. A vulnerability might be a WordPress website that hasn’t been updated to the latest version and is therefore open to security leaks.

What could happen if your site gets hacked?

  • Malware could be placed on your site without you even knowing it. This could give the hackers access to your entire computer – accounts, files, everything.
  • Thousands of files could be added to your server; anything from a fake e-commerce store to porn.
  • Your website address could be redirected to another site.

How can this effect your business or organization?

  • You could get blacklisted by Google. As soon as Google sees malware or porn on your site they will blacklist you and search engines will be unable to find your site.
  •  Or your web hosting company could deactivate your site, meaning no one will be able to view it! Your site is gone until the malware is removed.

How can you prevent your site from being compromised?

  • Back up, back up, back up! Your files should be copied to an external location on a regular basis.
  • Update your plugins and themes to the latest version as soon as it is available.

(What is a plugin? Examples include membership applications or contact forms on your site, a video or audio player, a calendar on your sidebar or Google statistics. Most sites contain 3 to 6 plugins.)

  • Create strong passwords for your WordPress and web hosting logins.

(These days a password should look like this “64LSsZy@Pdh” not this: “Dixie2013”.  And the Username should not be “Admin” or “MissBetty”!)

​What We Offer

While no individual or company can 100% guarantee that your website won’t get attacked, taking these steps is essential to decreasing the chances that you will be hacked.

An Initial One-Time Security Review

We check your current site’s vulnerabilities by doing the following:

a. Determine that your Backup is running and configured properly.

b. Update to the latest WordPress version.

c. Update all plugins and delete those that aren’t being used. (Unused, out of date plugins can become a path of attack by bots!)

d. Install specific SECURITY plugins to monitor your site. Suggest others as appropriate.

e. Recreate your usernames and passwords.

f. Check that Admin privileges are set only to people who are still in your organization.

g. Check to see if your site’s theme (the framework upon which the site was built) needs to be upgraded. An outdated theme can also be a way for hackers to get in.

h. Provide a written report of all findings, actions and recommendations.

One time fee: $80.00

Theme updates are not included but can be arranged for at the hourly maintenance rate.

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Monthly Security Maintenance Package

After we have completed your Initial Security Review, we will keep your site safely monitored with the monthly package. Dixie Studios uses monitoring software that quickly tells us when a “back door” or vulnerability has been found in a theme or plugin. We can update immediately and keep your site as safe as possible.

  • Your WordPress database will be backed up offsite DAILY and your files WEEKLY. (Some web hosting companies do this but the files aren’t always easily accessible. And they don’t always include files AND database.)
  • Plugins will be updated as soon as new versions become available.
  • Your theme will be monitored for updating.
  • All your website files are checked to be certain your site is running smoothly. Site performance is also checked.

Fee: $40/month billed monthly OR   $37.50/month (One time payment of $450.00 You save $30.00!)

Theme updates are not included but can be arranged for at the hourly maintenance rate.

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